Almar Construction Integrated Management System

The Integrated Management System (IMS) is a risk management tool set up by Almar Construction.  Its aim is primarily to meet the requirements of the CCF Civil Construction Management Code 2000.

This code aims to satisfy substantially the requirements of:

  • Health and Safety Management
    AS 4801-2001
  • Environmental Management
    ISO 14001
  • Quality Management
    ISO 9001-2008

The Company’s IMS is implemented throughout the Company from Management Level to Field Staff.

Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) Certified Contractor Status has been achieved through Almar’s IMS and is Almar Construction is JAS-ANZ third party accredited.
CCF Registration Number: P0410/08.

The IMS consists of 13 Controlled Procedures;

  1. Tender and Contracts
  2. Managing Construction
  3. Safety Management
  4. Environmental Management
  5. Project Management Plan
  6. Plant and Equipment Maintenance
  7. Sub-Contractors, Suppliers and Consultants
  8. Controlling Document Date
  9. Records and Document Control
  10. Defects and Suggestions
  11. Internal Review
  12. Business Improvement
  13. Training and Competency